Bag Filter

 It is made of high quality synthetic filter material by combining the edges with sonic welding.The mechanically robust filter is suitable for harsh operating conditions.Resistant to abrasion and high humidity.

Bag Filter consists of 6 layer material.These layers provide low pressure resistance and high dust holding capacity.

Bag Filters are manufactured in G4 - F5 - F6 - F7 - F8 - F9 classes according to EN779 standards.


-Small transport volume                                                              -Low pressure drop

-Long service life                                                                         -Easy instalition

-High quality filtration                                                                   -Standart pocket filter frames

-Simple and light weight                                                               -Wide range application area


-Pre-filtration of ventilation devices

-Pre-filtration before precise filter

-Fan and heater units as protective filter

-To improve the air quality of air conditioners.

-Operating theaters, hospitals, pharmaceutical and food industry etc..