Cassette Filter

The compressor in the air duct in air conditioning plants or or specially designed coarse impurities are caught.

Galvanized and cardboard outer structure, as well as the content of glass fiber, fiber, activated carbon, polyurethane, fortitude, sponge, carbon coal is possible to prepare.

The filter used as pre-filter is G2, G3, G4, F5 , M5


- Industrial ventilation and civil air conditioning facilities.

-Pre-filtering, separating coarse and fine particles

-Used in air treatment plants, filter walls

-Used in pre-filtration for high efficiency and absolute filters

-Used as a pre-filter in ventilation devices

-Used as protective filter for fan and heater units

-It is used to improve air quality in air conditioners.

- Used in air filtration in corrosive environments

- It is used for grease and spark holding and separation of oil vapors.

- It is used for separation and pre-filtration of coarse and finer particles.

- Used when easy removal of contaminated filter is desired

- Used for pre-filtration or dust retention where low filter resistance is required