Carbon Filter

Active carbons have the ability that they can decompose from the air organic volatile components, smells and gaseous pollutants. Active carbon filters can clean pollutants inside the air so they differ from other kind of filters. Active carbon filters trap contaminated gas molecules in carbon deposits.

Active karbon filters are the most preferred filter type to catch gas molecules in the air. Generally they used for filter organic volatile components. They can also be used to clean cigarette smoke etc.


-Fog , ozone                                                                            -Combustion and other gases

-Coal oil , asphalt , fuel vapors                                                -Paint and lacquer welded thinner vapor

-Adhesive and cleaning equipment vapors                             -Staff and hospital odors

-Alchool , tobacco and cosmetic fragrances                            -Food and rotten food fragrances


-High, contamination removal capacity                                    -No dust regeneration

-Low pressure loss                                                                   -Self support and rijit

-Energy-Saving                                                                        -Easy to handle

-Large surface area                                                                  -No dust release